Wednesday, March 31

my love of aprons

i love vintage style aprons what more can i say? they make baking way more fun&everytime i see them sitting above my breadbin all neatly folded reminds me i must get baking! i do like to share too,small ones are perfect for gifts for wee girls we love, i dont have a picture to share but recently a little girl at playcenter turned 5& i cut out a her name in felt&hand stitched it onto my littlest apron ,she loved it! Ones with pockets are great as peg aprons,my nan loves hers.
We plan to have a vintage apron day at the cafe some day soon too.

here they are,in love!

i think they love me&my kitchen too.

feel free to write this recipe down,i found i left the cake in for an hour tho not 30mins please check at like 40mins tho.

must do more baking! now that cams crawling,yes crawling,hes just learnt this in the last two weeks. he hangs in the kitchen with me exploring all the cuboards,and i can happily bake.


  1. looks yum, and what an enticing pile of aprons! And well done Cam! Now the fun begins hey?!

  2. Your aprons look gorgeous, and I am definately trying out that yummy cake recipe - thanks!! :)


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