Thursday, April 1

help please..

Im looking into buying a new machine,well second hand proberly but a new for me. My partner kindly said i deserve a new one. Mine seems to break half way thru a project every time&oh the frustration and tears! as I'm sure you know or could at least imagine.For the past 2months or more it doesn't stitch a straight stitch!! only 5 weird one's and just wont turn to the what other 15 or more options? and really all i want is the one simple straight guy! and thats just the start of my poor Janome's troubles! oh poor Janome. So I'm looking into a new one and.... need all the advice i can get,best brands ect. Myself i just don't know where to start?maybe what brands not to get too,shops in NZ to check out prices online? i just need a simple sewing machine. oh an over locker is a dream away but well get there. any ideas will be very much appreciated xxxxxxxxx


  1. I have a really old bernina, - similar to Frith's one, mum has one too - they are so great, really simple, not much to go wrong.
    Have you had yours serviced lately? It might just need a good clean up you know, it's amazing what a service and a new needle can do. There is a guy just down the road from Frith who does really cheap sewing machine services.

  2. Oh tragic!! Mama reckons Berninas are great too, as are Elnas... If you can find a good one, Singer and Husquevana (spelling?) are the best ones but she's not sure if they are still being made... Brother is meant to be good too, though not as good as Bernina.... Good luck Stace!

  3. Bernina Bernina Bernina!!! Cant go wrong xx

  4. Bernina is rolls royce of sewing machines...I reckon and was told by a service man once too. Have you cleaned it. Fragments of threads get stuck between the tension plates etc. Often it is poss for you to clean it without going to anyone.


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