Saturday, March 27

very inspired but...

I'm very inspired by pictures of home ideas &craft too but...sadly very unmotivated! so here's some pretty pictures that i liked & had saved in a little folder called "lovely home idea's"...enjoy.

this is on my "to do" list Ive collect a few rolls of neat wall paper from op shops to do this.

isn't this so sweet!!!

very simple,bit too for our home but a batch or onsuite maybe?

is this everyones dream or what! firstly your own room for a sewing area,2ndly the organisation!! love it.

imagine the devine smell of this!


  1. Lovely! I know, there are so many great ideas and so little time! I try and do a little something each day but it often doesn't happen...

  2. oh yes, I too have so many, SO MANY, ideas collected up that I want to do, it's nice to dream anyway :)

  3. So funny ~ followed Hanna's link to your blog ~ first time I have visited and you have my bathroom on your posting! It looks so clean in the photograph, I had better clean it tomorrow. xx


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