Monday, November 1


Well that's the name I'm calling her as she's unnamed maybe yous could help me with that one...Roxanna was the company sticker i found on the back&i do love that song but I'm totally up for name suggestions!
as promised here's my winter/spring project so we can do loads of camping this summer with the wee one.

These pics are even after id done a massive gross vac&scrub with hot soapy water so you can only imagine what it really looked like inside after sitting in the paddock on a farm untouched nor opened for 5years!

And now
.....,so proud already,four hours of painting inside and that's just the first coat,and a few touches of love here and there.

(birthday birdie from Frith,love!! think he'll enjoy our camping views)

plans to build in a safe bed for the boy

Frith also made an amazing mosaic for their home which i love&we too are Knights i couldn't help but photograph it and stick it here.


  1. OMG LOVE!!!!!!!!! Awesome Stace, I know you'll make it look dreamy! Love the little touches you have added, and I think Roxanne is a great name! Love that song... x

  2. So insanely jealous! One of my dreams is to do up my own caravan. Love it and the name too. x

  3. What an awesome project. I can't wait to see you transform it - it already looks lovely with the little touches you've added!

  4. Lucky you!! Roxanne is a swell name and I can't wait to see your progress with her! Love Cam's little one shoe on - one shoe off coolness! :)

  5. Oh Stace, you are a dream weaver! Summers northland will be transformed. Love the name, needs no changing. And look at my little nephew so big and grown up and adorable looking. Miss you terribly. I loved your birthday pics too, a well deserved spoil. I hope you have mine too by now. Much love to you! X

  6. Looks awesome... I have a caravan, and it's certainly a way of life... one that I love


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