Sunday, October 31

tis twenty three..

It was my birthday on Friday and what a lovely lovely day i was treated with thanks to my two beautiful Knight boys,firstly my lads let me have a sleep in while they went and picked flowers for me&cooked pancakes..

Next next next was an outing over in Kerikeri about an hour from us with a spot of opshopping and a delish lunch here......

And Oh my the gifts sooo lucky!

my good friend Ramona made me&Cam this sling to make my days easyer at times when we are at the supermarket or cooking dinner,i must show you the fabric soon too its so neat!

From my Mr... love!!


and.... for inspiration on doing up our sweet little caravan (which I'll also be showing you where I'm at real soon)


There's also This book on the way too,yet to be published early Dec but its ordered cant wait!

& love my bookmark that came with them.

From my lovely lovely Mama in law (& she doesn't come with all those "mother in law" tags)
we just love her to bits!!!

specially when she treats me with this devine smoked paprika!! mmmm

We also had cups of tea and cake in the afternoon with my Nana who we adore.I had such a sweet spoilt day!!! i too love treating my loved ones on their birthdays its exciting making the effort with all the trimmings..

To top off my day we had a movie night in the lounge with the projector set up.
LOVE LOVE LOVE my boys and everyone who made my birthday sooo lovely!!

ps there's actually more show and tell! see you soon! xx


  1. oh wow! SO.MUCH. goodness :)
    Happy birthday xo

  2. Amazingness! What a beautiful day! And looooove those books, can't wait to come and have a peek at them! xxxx

  3. Aww, what a lovely day you had! Happy (belated) birthday to you! Pretty flowers your boys picked for you and I love those animal drink tags - especially the squirrel!

    I went to Kerikeri for a day while I was home in Feb with my Ma and a few of her friends. Wow, have they done up that town since I had been there last! Lovely place for an outing.

  4. That caravan book looks awesome, a must to flick through over coffee next time we're up!
    So glad you had a happyhappy birthday, 23!! You make me feel old xx


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