Sunday, November 7

summer is well on its way!!!!

look at all these delish lil bunch's of growing grapes!!!!!

and plums!!!!

a pod of Orca's


digger watching

summer lovin, hint hint Eleanor move home for summer!!!

sadly my camera now take 90% blurry pics! mmm hope its just a stage "everythings just a stage".



  1. it sounds obvious but are there fingerprints on the lens??? it's happened to me before :)

  2. Or maybe you have a changed a setting so that it's manual focus instead of auto? Oooh, can't wait to head home for some summer!! We haven't finalised our summer plans yet, but you'll be the first to know! (well, maybe Pipi will, then you!)

  3. Orcas! Beautiful! We were fortunate to see them in Island Bay once, do' breath takingly magical. I've been watching all the 'Free Willy' movies with my older girls recently, awww.

    All those grapes look divine! On your property?! Looks like a very beautiful part of this great country.

    Happy summer days! Yah!!

  4. You take great photos! Love you blog and look forward to reading more
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and giving me a virtual cuddle : )


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