Tuesday, June 29

our wee man...

little Cam and I are both sick at the moment. He has a horrible cough that makes me sad every time i hear it!!! We have been rugged up at home for four days now,with lots of natural remedy's being rubbed on his wee chest,feet and cot sheets too.

(snuggled in woolies)

very tired wee fellow,falling asleep in odd places like this morning after bringing him into our bed at 6am,i fed him,then he cryed and squirmed and fell asleep across my neck for an hour!!! i managed to get a tad comfy and luckily fell asleep too.

hes been so good still a cheeky happy chappy.

tired lil buba indeed!! no one likes seeing wee ones like this but the house sure is peaceful and its like having a newborn snuggled asleep in your arms again. bless.


  1. Aww! I know it's sad, but it's always cute too right?! I have really vivid memories of when Jana was really little and got a tummy bug... She was all floppy and cuddly, but still full of smiles (and dressed in a soft baby blue bunny suit - TOOOOO cute!!!!)... We felt so bad for her but she was so lovely and cuddly to be around! Usually full of beans but suddenly content to lie on our lap and smile at us for hours...

  2. Poor wee fella xx just has well he has a mum that can stay at home with him and cuddle him all better.
    Sax has been a little under the weather lately too, you just have to 'right off' those days and spend time with them.

  3. hope your wee guy gets better super fast...love those eyelashes, so sweet

  4. I was just about to write 'poor wee fella' hmm, we are sisters afterall. It's so sad when they're sick, I hope he is all better soon, and you too :(


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