Tuesday, August 3

our little winter adventure

We are still recovering only being home for 2nights so far,our winter trip to the south island to visit a very dear friend of mine was lovely&exhausting all in one.It all started with a very long day trip to get all the way down,an hour car trip,one plane,another plane and finishing with a nearly two hour car trip... Cam did amazing really highly entertained by his mama and tones of banana chips ect but all in all we did it with no majors just tired mama&buba by the end of the day,The views were amazing and the crisp air of their winter was very refreshing! We had three nights with my lovely friend and her Mr two,at Ruby bay which is a stunning little bay with all the bays around. We had the bestest weather the sun shining on your face with the chilly winters air is lovely!! We only just got settled in with night sleeps with the two tots,catch ups&op shopping then it was an early morning to catch our 2 hour bus to the airport to wind our way back to our little nest we call home,the bus was fine as Cam was aloud to crawl around the whole back seats,lots of snacks&window searching for birds&cows and he even had a nap! We met up with Mr Knight in Blenheim with 3hours to spear before our flight, its was sooo lovely for us three to reunite again after the longest 8days oh my! Cam was giggling,twirling and showing his Dada all his new tricks it was so sweet! and my i didn't realise how much he had learnt in those 8days his Dada had been away! he had heaps of cuteness to show off! A mid winter trip is highly recommended to bet the winter blues something lovely to look forward to! I'm already planning our next winters trip! I'm thinking something a bit closer,a op shop road trip! minus the bubs hehe! well be doing a test run of this real soon ay Stell!

check out this batch!!!! id feel a tad insecure in a storm tho with the ocean literally at your door!

Cam and his new matey Chase

cheeky monkey boy!

ending our we trip with a sleep over at little Eleanors xx


  1. Lovely photos! Looks like it was an amazing trip Stace! Well done xxx

  2. looks like a perfect holiday :)

    welcome home!

    kel x

  3. Sounds like a blissful little winter holiday! Glad you enjoyed yourselves! :o)

  4. Ahh hmmm......count me in on the op-shop road trip.
    Sounds like a great wee holi, Id love to go down south, hav'nt been down since I was 7!!


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