Friday, July 2

awkward or not??

Do you ever leave home for a weekend thinking why did i leave home again?? the long drive,the stress of city&baby combo ect??
This was a wee while ago but i thought exactly that i want to close my eyes tap my shiny red shoes and be home!!
first was the horrid rain&storm that we got stuck in with pram and all minus the rain cover! so we searched for a two dollar shop&a shower curtain to make do and ran home! i wanted to call a taxi and pop the pram in the boot. but apparently no can do without a carseat! is this true?? what about these emergency's! like these.
Then i forgot to bring a basket of toys from home for Cam,so we were staying with my lovely best friend (who is also Cams god mama),but her flat is not baby proof at all! with the 20steps rolling down to the front door ,a large fish bowl that Cam could climb into ect but why would it be she doesn't have to worry about things like that.yet. trying to put a bub to sleep in a semi noisy flat ect and again i say why did we leave home!!!!!!!
I did put on a brave face and think&hope i did well at disguising my stress as not to put out my bestie. And Cam of course he was happy...loved her pot plant........

But i couldn't do another night and day! i wasn't being silly right? my friend had no idea about my feelings and stress so i hadn't involved her in this. we never said we were staying the whole weekend so i made a desperate call to Stella, "help i need toys" she properly thought i was mad! "i need a baby proof home,at ground level,a mama to chat with and drink tea". and of course Stell was more than happy to have us over!!!! And we met up with Cams go mama the next day and had coffee and cuddles. To tell you the truth we havent ventured that long drive since!

(photo courtesy of Stella)

as you can see Cam n Eli were grateful too ,mmmm young sweet love.
So Stella thank you,i loved hanging out,chatting about crafts and mama goodness and drinking tea.
we love and cherish your wee family alot!!!


  1. Aww Stace, I didn't quite realise how stressful things were for you! It was so lovely to have you guys, and we are totally looking forward to coming up on Monday! I'm disappointed there won't be any playcentre but we'll have to do some playgroup days with all the babies! I think Eleanor misses out on having a social life, poor thing, which made it all the more special having you guys to stay! Cute photos btw! xxx

  2. look at those toothies!! love it. just came across your blog..can totally relate!

  3. I'm so glad your weekend improved, it must have been really hard. It is lovely that you have such a similar and understanding friend in Stella and her family :)


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