Tuesday, July 27

little winter adventure

The we boy and I are off on a little winter adventure in a plane in the morning!!!
we venture onto one small plane,then one big plane and arrive at our destination late afternoon in...... Blenheim.
Then a drive up to Ruby Bay to stay with a very good ol friend&her we man for 3nights!!
cant wait to get photos of the two Little's (Chase is actually a year older but still a tot&they have never met nor have we met each others,exciting!)

and then..... in four sleeps from now we meet up with.........................no not anyone famous but....someone we love the most est!!!!! Cams dada!!!! after 8 whole days!! super super excited itl be like waking up on Christmas morning when you were seven. sad huh but we have missed him alot!! you truly realise how amazing they are when your on your own for over a week,6am til 8pm everyday!!! those little things like a sleep in till 8 and then a cup of tea in bed to say "sorry i have to go to work now". Its been very quite and alot of lonely moments. Cam and i have had an amazing time,I'm sure he loves the one on one full attention all day!! Cafe everyday,beach,playdates,dinner with Nana every night,Cam loves his great grandmother they have this amazing bond its so special! I've loved all the cuddles he has showered me with....but of course we miss his Dada& cant wait to see him in a few days!!
very much looking forward to our travels.. tad nervous of our long day of planes and airports and cars as we do! see you next week with news&pics xxxxx


  1. oooh Stace, excited for ya! And I don't know how you handled the week, I would've been so lonely too! Not to mention exhausted... Well done, super mama! xxxx

  2. All the best on your travels xx


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