Wednesday, July 14

Mr One's birthday!!!

good morning sweet boy!!!

happy birthday to you,happy birthday to you..... sung by mama&dada,he loved it!!!

breakfast at our local favouritest cafe in the world!!

and the party begins.......

way to many prezzies oh my i had to save half for the next day it was way to over whelming!!!
we have beautiful amazing caring friends thankyou!!!!
ps i'll share with you some of his delsih pressies soon

there was facepainting

Cams cake was amazing and delish!!! this picture does not do it justice at all!! thankyou Alice&Hani!!!!!!

sweet rocking horse from Gramma Suzie!!!

Cam with his cuzzy Kalem

one of Cam's bestie's Eleanor xx

Cam and cuzzie Ethan

birthday cake outside under the stars

what a treasured day indeed Mr one had an amazing day with no tears that i cam recall which is amazing for such a full on day and only one nap and a very late night! thankyou to everyone!!!!!! we love and treasure you to bits!!!!

Mr one the next day having his morning nap,ah bless xx


  1. I love his 'bed hair' photos, so cute xx

  2. I agree with Frith! Was a lovely day/night, so glad we could be there! Unfortunately I've been having 'oh no did I really look like that all night?' moments after seeing your photos... might have to book in for a haircut, didn't realise those flyaways were so out of control! xxx

  3. Happy birthday to Cam. Sweet pictures. I love the one of him with that face so full of anticipation of his big day. Isn't it fun to celebrate these special milestones with our loved ones?

  4. The mushroom cake is adorable as is the little plaid pixie cap!

  5. What a magical birthday :)
    So glad your package arrived safely, I wasn't sure about adding the vintage book for the little guy but the pics were so sweet I thought you would apreciate it. :)


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