Friday, June 11


yesterday Cam did some wheel burrow work with his Dada (well he sat inside it while it wheeled back & forth), while i sat in the grass&sun and enjoyed the paper,and when the wee one returned to my side...........................

there was a tad bit of mud here...

oo and here.


i let him go for another half hour,i had to right,i couldn't just whip him inside to get changed right? why?....
he was having a blast!!!

and today......

i enjoy a morning to myself while the boys are out,its been just about three hours. i must say i did text them to see how they were getting on..
the house is spotless! even tho i know a tornado will of hit by bedtime. its just what we do,i don't call it chores i call it "we love our home" or something..
we all just love the satisfaction of a lovely clean home,its rare!


  1. thank you! on behalf of your wee son i am so grateful you aren't afraid of him getting dirty :)
    i feel utterly despondent for lil boys that are forced to look good and stay indoors all day...
    *applause* :)

  2. Haha, looks like fun! I so know what you mean about the rarity of having a tidy house, ours is looking horrific at the moment as we have just done a bedroom swap with Eleanor - and we're too tired and sick to tidy up properly... Usually there's at least one room of the house that's tidy at a time, but not right now! It's a bit depressing... I want to tidy it all up by tomorrow so that I can have a tidy house as a birthday present! xx

  3. oh yeah, my kids have been looking a bit like that lately. We have a big mud pit just outside the door that is waiting to be turned into a garden. -it's just way to tempting for them, and hey, it's nothing a good hot shower won't fix :)
    Oh and yay for quiet house cleaning time :)

  4. Love those tiny muddy feet and hands!
    Your home is blessed! every single spot of it reflects light!
    Enjoy your cup of tea mama! That moment is all yours!
    See you tonight! Hope you like our chocolate truffles!!! Julia


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