Wednesday, June 9

a Box arrived today..

I had been expecting and looking forward to this box for a wee while,its from when we went on our trip down to Hawkes Bay a few months back&hunted all the local op shops and totally knew we were flying back and would have to leave things behind till...well i didn't know till when but i just couldn't leave these sweet things sitting there on the shelf,one day we would be reunited again!!!
and Monday night we were!!! unpacking this box was like Christmas morning! i must say id forgotten what was in there,does that mean i didn't need it or wouldn't miss it?? nope i was like oooooo that's right!!

these are two placemats that Chloe found!

and she also knows i collect these fabrics with vintage children's prints on....

a pillow case for my bibs

yet another stripey number for my boy,pretty sure he doesn't have a chocolate brown one.

oooo fill,Cams loving playing with them at the moment so we'll leave them stacked by the toy box for now.

good ol wooden abc's puzzle

i love this and cant wait to use it!!.... but does anyone have one&how they work??

sweet wine glasses,perfect for mulled wine Stella?

ooo love crumble dishes!

and love my old style mixed match plate collection.

the end!


  1. What amazing finds! Those glasses are beautiful, and that bright yellow basket looks especially cute! Glad they all found a good home!

  2. I've got one of those coffee pots but it's aluminium, you just stick it on the stove top, not sure about a glass one though.
    I'm not to fond of the coffee it makes, it has that percolater taste (not fresh)
    I just use mine as an ornament!

  3. thats what Dale said too,but not glass. im just going to use it for juice or water as the metal bits simply lift out =) x

  4. Hi, Id love to send myself a parcel like that :) I passed through Rawene on my honeymoon not too long ago, lovely place.


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