Saturday, June 12

happy birthday sweet friend

Today it is Stella's birthday over at the golden adventures of......

photo courtesy of Rosa-may

hopefully this parcel arrives on her doorstep while shes sipping birthday tea.

Stella is also one sister of the creation Frank and Dean,which has just set up this lovely website so watch its space for lovely talented creative things.
also here on madeit.
shes a sweet mama to wee Eleanor
and a wifey of this lovely man

happy birthday Stell we love you!! love the ohuri Knights


  1. Stace you are the loveliest friend!!! And I can't believe you gave me that basket (filled with amazing goodies) that you brought all the way up from Hawkes Bay!!! I loved every single thing so much, I feel very spoilt this year! xxxx

  2. Hey I'd love to do a wee pic for you! Just so you know, they are quite little, about the size of a photo... hope you are happy with that! Also, if you let me take a photo of it to use as a sample shot for our felt and etsy shops, I'll do it for you for free! Just email me the photo you want done and let me know if you want it with a hand-drawn frame or not... I'll do it asap and post it to you so that it hopefully gets there in time! xx

  3. oh you're so sweet! Maybe I'll do a little segment discussing proper etiquette and so on... I never really learnt either (can't set a table properly). Yes, Cam and Ellie's mama's know how to dress 'em!

    Regency is the time period most of Jane Austen's novels are set, they used to have all sorts of social gatherings and card parties were very common. I'll have to find out exactly what it entails but I know they used to have lots of little card tables set up and little games going at the same time... I thought we could start with an afternoon picnic... hmmm, I'm going to put my thinking cap on and plan an awesome party! I'll let you know as I go...


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