Monday, May 3

home sweet home....

home sweet home,we have had a lovely lovely two weeks away visiting family&friends in the sunny Hawkes bay...i must say I'm still recovering, so here's a sweet little collection of some of our photos from our trip away xx

apple picking at Hannah's soon to be "home".

Dale's lovely sister

i mentioned back here about these two sweet cousins who are less than three weeks apart,well here they are again,9months-ish.


Cami's busy little hands

Ethan's sweet little hands

we fished..

we enjoyed meals together. photo courtesy of Hannah

we celebrated birthdays,with an amazing home made cheese cake Chloe!!!

we went redwood walking&horse feeding

we even watched friendship&love grow

And i must say this was the highlight of the end of our trip,my very very good friend Emily&her boy Jai now live in Australia was over in NZ briefly for her sister's wedding met us at Auckland airport on our 40min stop over on the way home just to met little Cami and love at first sight on both sides it was.special!

i even did a spot of opp shopping,resulting to leaving a whole box of treasures behind to collect next time (as we flew there&back). I totally knew this would happen but just couldn't resist! who could! so when they arrive to our little home,one way or another,i will share with you my treasures.

its very lovely to be home,we even had Dale's mum welcome us home by coming over with a roast dinner all cooked to share with us!devine! and best thing... Cam even slept thru the night lastnight!!!! he also must have missed his bed as we all do even after a lovely holiday away..


  1. Wow, sounds like you had the best time! I'm envious, love the Hawkes Bay! Bet you're glad to be home again though, it's always nice isn't it? Can't wait to see your scores and how heartbreaking to have to leave them there! xxxx

  2. oh my goodness that cheesecake looks DIVINE!

  3. What a lovely post Stace! Sounds like you had a great time away, we really must get down to see Hannah and the kids.
    Great to catch up on the phone today, can't wait to see you guys again!


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