Monday, June 28


I was doing a bit of hand stitching this arvo on the lounge floor in front of the fire,with Cam around too,happy baby,mama sewing,bliss right?? until...... Cam swallowed the other half to this dome!!!!

its is actually rather large! but nana Carol said shes seen a coin&a button in the nappie,so? makes me feel better!

this is what i was sewing a dome onto,
my lovely lovely "craft it round" gifty from Stella!!!

he seems happy!

and into something else already!


  1. haha oh dear! the weirdest thing I've ever found in a nappy is christmas tinsel

  2. oh baby! Sorry, I should have put a dome on it for you! I left them off because I thought it would be easier to tuck the flap in so that you can get to it quickly if anyone calls... Actually I didn't even think of domes, just buttons and I thought they would get in the way... Oh well, the next ones will have domes...

  3. oh Stell dont be silly,i did think of not being able to get your ph out quick,ill let you know how it goes! xxx


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