Sunday, June 20

happy birthday to.......

Cams dada!! yesterday we had a lovely lovely day filled with love&sweet treats!

this was one of the presents from us,a beautiful portrait by Stella,find how to get yours here!!

first was coffee

then breakfast in bed,pancakes,bacon&cooked bananas,Cam loved it!!

looking for birdies

coffee and cake at our favourite cafe,boatshed cafe,Rawene.

it was also my dads birthday so we finally burried Cams whenua (placenta),with my lovely pape,happy birthday to my dad!!!

birthday dinner with Gramma Suzie

and lastly ginger&espresso birthday cake!!
i love birthdays even when they are not yours,so nice to totally spoil the ones you love the most!!


  1. Oh we were totally thinking of him yesterday but forgot to text! Looks like a lovely lovely day! Happy birthday Mr Knight!

  2. what a special day!! Looks like you celebrated so lovely like :)
    That drawing is AMAZING Stella!!

  3. oh my that sketch is AMAZING! i would love one of those!!!!!! eeeeee!!! *putting it on my wishlist immediately*

  4. Happy birthday Dale from the Waihi Knights xx
    Looks like you had a fab day!
    That sketch is AMAZING YA! Can't wait to get mine.

  5. Hey! yay, glad you liked your craft-it-round pressie :) I had a look at your blog and picked a colour to line it with - I hoped you would like it x


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