Friday, May 28

opp shopping....with a spot of rain.

Cam and I visited a best friend of mine this week,we ate pizza,googled wedding dresses (she is freshly engaged),and opshopped of course! it drizzed all the time we were in town but we were so prepared.. with the rain cover over the pram&a coat for me off we went.and.........this is what we found,wee Cam&his mama........

sweet little glass....

i have sooo many tape measures for some really strange reason,but not a perfect little pink one!!!!

i love teaspoons!!

bluey/green forks!!

we got a few other goodies too pants&two stripey tops for Cam,a red&white stripe scarf for me and what do ya know blue&white striped material.
was even thinking of a stripes theme for Cams first birthday mmmmm?? could work.

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  1. Lovely! Love the glass, so pretty! I think stripes would be a cute theme


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