Thursday, June 3

oh i love buntings.....

I just cant get enough of making buntings!! i do find sewing them a tad frustrating but i the end result is so worth it! but i found this sweet idea over at once wed, i love browsing this site! so gorgeous! is that weird even tho I'm not even engaged?? mm i think not! anyway i love there ideas! to be added to your home or tea party's ect as i do.

these pics are a bit mixed up but the heart ones are in our room&our guest room and the others in Cams room,love the pixies!! found in a real old book.

Today Cam and i browsed the local op shops while we were in town doing our grocery's......

such a sweet little pocket!! ooo what to put in on???

oo and this lovely bedside clock.

we got a few other things too,a red&white stripe bag,prob be a nappy bag,some wee things for Cam&a lovely soft jumper to make pants for Cam,im excited about them!


  1. So lovely! Love the paper bunting, totally going to steal that idea! <3

  2. loving the pixie and heart bunting! so lovely

  3. Cams room is awesome, you have done a great job! I love bunting, yours is wonderful!! :)


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