Tuesday, May 25

high in the sky

i found these photos this morning from our trip down to Napier,Cams first ever plane trip.
i was really nervous!,Cam being 9months and a crawler, but he was an angel considering having to be strapped to me in a seat for over an hour,then a stop over then another hour!! on the way home he even slept one of these!! i was very proud of him and it ended up being a neat experience with photos to stick in his book....

one in a million chance sweetpies Janeka and Stasia were on the same flight and even right next to us!!!

Orewa's new toll road from the sky..


  1. Thanks Stace! Bad news about your machine! Hope you have good luck... I'm battling with Rosa's at the moment, it's not going well. But when making things with woolly jerseys, wool is really easy to sew with and hardly takes any time. Way easier!

  2. How cool - it looks like he had fun. I can't wait for my first ever plane ride in July!! (I'm a bit old for a first plane ride!)


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