Sunday, May 23

my little space

this is my little space,it sadly is rarely visited,these days only popping in and out to get an envelope or some material or a button,but when i enter the room i smile at "my little space", one day,one day i will spend a whole day with you!!!
this is in response to Stella's post a wee while ago,check out the comments to view others "me time spaces".......

you may notice my poor sewing machine isn't here =( i miss her terribly as I'm sure you can all relate if yours too was broken!!!!!!!!! Mr Knight is taking it to Auckland with him this week to hopefully be fixed! i have to hold my excitement just incase its bad news!

a teeny tiny glimpse at my project at the moment for this lovely lovely craft round. will be delighted to invite yous to join our next this space.

will do a post on "purdy glasses" , real soon.

From a previous post also from my lovely friend over at the golden adventures of....
these are devine,I'm jealous! so id like to share my special ones too.


  1. yup, i think i need bunting...
    fingers crossed for your sewing machine!!
    PS thanks for your comment on our homebirth page - it's still under construction, i'm having a hard time trying cohesively express what words really can't express! xo

  2. What a sweet little spot you have there! So lovely!

  3. Love it Stace! And that photo with Cami in the mirror, magic!!! I would love to have a copy of it if you are willing to share! xx

  4. What a cool space, I popped over from KMB cheers Marie


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