Monday, April 5

a bit of a love for photography

i take my wee camera with me everywhere incase i stumble across lovely photo opportunity's like these recent ones...



must say Dale took this one but i love it..

stilts in the sand

this sweet bloggers lover

these two handsome chaps are my world

sunny day



  1. Gosh what absolutely lovely photos Stace! I love them all the most! Wish I could go back up north and have that weekend again... Hopefully see you guys again very soon! xxx

    p.s. found a great opshop in Kaikohe as we were heading out! I wanted to ask him if he would pay me in goods to tidy it up and organise it for him! I'm sure you know the one, full of treasures!

  2. wow, these are all fabulous photos - you need to start a flickr account :)

  3. thanks hanna,how do i do that?do you have to down size images to upload?coz thats a pain! grr.
    ps sorry about being an "anonymous" person,it wont let me choose or give an option to login to my google account =(

  4. Ha ha, just looking through your posts as I frequently do, and couldn't help but laugh at that one of Eleanor with Cam... She looks like such a little Rutherford there, what a funny expression! She was quite a bit chubbier then, it makes me realise that she's lost some of her baby chub lately... huh.


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