Sunday, March 25

♥ Our wedding...... Part two

Our dearest dad's ♥

oh so lovely Cakes made by a fellow mama with (as you can see) an amazing & successful newly cake business

Sticky Date
Hummingbird (walnuts,banana&pineapple)

Again lovely Photographers Florence & Rosa-may & Csilla.... and a few lovely others floating in their too! Thankyou all ♥

Thankyou for all your lovely Comments, very happy to share our wedding day with all you lovelys out there xx

To be continued..........


  1. Wow it all looks so amazing, i especially LOVE your dress and shoes and the cakes!!!! mmmm

  2. you are so stunning Stacey!
    planning all the details really paid off, it looks amazing X

  3. Your wedding was so dreamy. Thankyou for sharing more. I love that you had Stella's portraits to honour those that could not be there (I'm guessing?) gorgeous x

  4. So, so beautiful! All the handmade touches are just the icing on the cake! (or cakes! mm They look delish by the way! What flavour were they?)


Always love you comments xx