Sunday, March 7

todays treasures

well where do i start Rosa&i decided to have a wee garage sale/car boot sale and invite others from the community ect so i thort id dig thru my kitchen cupboards,under the stairs......sweet im finding heaps of stuff to sell i'll head down to the shed where i know theres a suitcase full of tea cups hiding somewhere..ahaa ooo ooo,this garage sale idea is perfect! Box of ahh.. junk to take to the opshop (that doesn't suit our garage sale what id call junk) and lots to sell. next place to look is Nana's shed next door where i have all my dads treasures stashed and know theres heaps of kitchen stuff,bowls,plates,teacups ect did i mention they are ALL really neat ones you find at should see my kitchen trust me i DO NOT need anymore,wait let me rephrase that DO NOT have any space for more... that's not to say that i don't still find the odd cup,plate ect up there or at op shops to add to my collection just I'm a bit more picky&sensible about what i choose. Any who i got really excited when i found two box's that i thort would be perfect to sell&pass onto others that too love crockery like i do,then i found another box and another and another and ten more really and its totally beyond what our sweet little garage was about.Theres heaps of neat stuff but it was my dads and i really don't want to flog things off for 50c each do i....grrrr so all i achieved was cleaning under my stairs,all nicely vacuumed,neat n tidy kitchen cupboards,a sore head because there is also alot of antiques of my dads that i also don't even know where to start&sooo much rubbish!! But i also found these beautiful goodies of my dads that i can add to our sweet little home and i will cherish for ever&remind me of my pape everytime i use it!!! xxxx

this painting which has insipred me to re do this corner of my lounge.

a very large map of australia which is just perfect because we are planning a 2-3month trip around next year!

the wooden light as our kitchen lights above our stove broke! and the little white&yellow timer,we do have one one our oven but this is so neat!! the colander was also dads&the tin measure but these ive had in my kitchen for longies..

this cup i found today so now i have 3 or 4. photos isnt very good these glasses are really neat they have a gold rim&sweet roses on them.


a bowl and a way cool tin

these beautiful treasures of my dads that i will add to our sweet little home and i will cherish for ever&remind me of my pape everytime i use it!!! xxxx


  1. Oh Stace, that painting is lovely! And those rose patterned plates, gorgeous! Sort of like finding a treasure chest, and all things with such significance for you!

    Hey, there's no trick with the header that I've discovered yet, I just cropped it on my computer so that it was that shape, and then uploaded it... If there's another way to do it, I don't know...

    I'd love to hear how the garage sale went, if you got around to doing it! I think I need to have one too, I'm trying to adopt a policy of 'getting rid of' as much as I collect, otherwise my home begins to resemble an opshop... it gets a little depressing...


  2. Can I please come to your garage sale!
    Although like darkhorse, my house is a little over crowded with oppshop finds, so I have started being really picky with what I keep, if I don't LOVE it, its outer here otherwise you just have too much 'kinda' cool stuff and you can't see and appricate the REALLY cool stuff.
    I love the way how when you get somethin new, you just have to spring clean that part of the house, its so refreshing.
    Love to all xx

  3. hey there,
    just stopped by to say a big thanks for following my blog! your little cam is ever so adorable and i love the banner pic of the two of you in the water! such an endearing shot!

    i love following other moms of boys, so i will be following you too!

    take care!


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