Monday, March 15

illustrations we love...

tales of the country side

All of these books apart from one are oldies but goodies! kept either from when i was a youngster or op shop finds i've from for wee cam so i thought id share a few illustrations that i just love!! makes the story way more interesting with amazingly done illustrations!!

oo i love these pictures!!!!!! "tales of mischief"

this is honey bee also from "tales of the country side"

"tales of the country side"

town mouse and country mouse

this is a really sweet story called "humbug witch"
"all of her was very little!! except her nose that was very BIG"
and the story continues describing all the characters of a witch followed by "and she took of her funny looking black shoes with gold buckles"
and so on then finishes with (as pictured) "she took off her mask....and went to bed"

this is a new book that was gifted to cam from his aunt Pearl&uncle Darius,pearl is studying to be a teacher so is always buying cam new books!! she works here at storytime. I highly recommend buying this one for your wee one or a gift its very sweet. "kiss,kiss" by Margaret wild&Bridget Strevens-Marzo.

good old "hocus pocus"
wish i could write it with all the cobwebs in the letters!

"the adventures of pip" Stella over at "the adventures of...a very dark horse" also has one of these series by the same author.

this is the sweetest little book "what is a grandmother?"
"shes a rocker and a singer of lullabies"
"shes a maker of cookies of cakes and of pies"

please let me know if you want to know the authors names too you may be able to find these books on trade me for cheap as chips... xx


  1. Aren't the illustrations in old children's books so wonderful!

  2. lovely! My favourite is the little girl in the stripy tights! Sometimes I just want to frame all the pictures from those lovely old books...


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