Wednesday, March 3

love coming across old photos you forgot existed

Im a hugh fan of photos!! i was looking thru all our photos on our computer admiring all our photos of friends&family over the last year and came across these,this is my lovely sister in law (to be) Hannah,we were both around 7months pregnant (at Ra&Friths wedding) ,both unsure of the genders of our babies,we had a bet,well a one sided bet,Hannah pictures hers to be a boy (she already has Xandi&Evabella) and for us to be carrying a girl.... well lets see....

both wearing blue hats that's a hint...

meeting each other for the first we sadly live hours n hours apart.
such a special photo! (around 5months)

(left) Ethan Austin Mortimer 4th August 2009
Campbell Bobby Knight 10th July 2009

cam&i are delighted to be flying down to spend two whole weeks with Ethan&co late next month!! so will post a pic of the "big boys" together then.


  1. Look at those two cuties together!
    They're going to love catching up over the years.

  2. Yes, they'll be fast friends!


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