Monday, March 1

the wild wild west.....

This weekend gone in a sweet little town called Waimamaku was the annual event of "the wild west fest" and this year was the best yet,the street was packed with cow boys,cow girls&saloon Lady's!a few traditional games for the fest included the cheese rolling race,gumboot throwing&talent quest.and the oh so famous cowboy shoot out which ill have to post photos of at a later date. stalls which consisted of hangi's,mussel fritters,local chilli sauce&home smoked sea salt,home knits,a cowboy themed stall w so sweet baby clothes&hand made writing set,face paints,i also spotted a body peircing caravan? so we joined our friends on a picnic blanket&sat back &enjoyed the day&topped the day w a swim at the local "kauri hole"& a bbq&a tad bit of sunburn oops!

two cow boys having a pow wow

on the right, hand drawn letter writting sets by stella! you can purchase these over at her blog.

cow girl rosa-may

cam cam loving the grass most of all

littlest cow girl eleanor enjoyed the picnic spot..


  1. lovely pics Stace! Was so lovely to see you guys, not for long enough though! We'll have to do something extra special for Easter! xxx

  2. Sounds like heaps of fun. Dale makes a great cowboy ;)


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