Thursday, February 9

sweet wedding preperations

Confetti Thankyou Frith

The Collection of woolen sweets

Lots of patching.......

Feeding the worker's

Building at home

little helper's

ceremony setup meetings

last minute Flower girls, hand made by a lovely friend above..

mushroom seating..


Last wedding prep post here...

Wish me luck for the last 15days of wedding prep
much love xx


  1. Looks like everything is coming together, can't wait xx

  2. hey stace,
    i did notice those beautiful flower girl dresses at the wedding and thought i had to know more about them... and here they are! i really love them. i was wondering if there was any chance of getting one made for lulu and paying your friend, if she is interested in making more and getting paid for them?? cheers, flo xxx


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