Tuesday, February 7

less than 3weeks to go!!!

The countdown is on for our wedding....
As any bride, i have so much to do. Overwhelmingly so i cried while doing the dishes the other night. (no sign of bridezilla yet just creeping a little over to the idea of just eloping....)
Am super excited of course every little bit coming together gives me butterfly's, purchasing flowers to plant, sewing,making&painting wooden mushroom stools,dress fitting,nights wedding chatting with my boy,mr hot builder in my garden (same guy of course :)
All seems very surreal and beautiful.
and totally nervous too!!!

Cam talks daily of "the wedding"...
inviting his friends to "my wedding", and even in states of upset he say's "i wana put my wedding shirt on and go to the wedding right now!!"
We drive past the ceremony spot daily & he points it out "that's where we are getting married ay mama,and i guna get married & dada guna get married&mama" bless him.

So with our little house hold buzzing with excitement & busyness... alone time with my little mr & away from everything is bliss!!

seeya real soon with wedding prep pics xxx


  1. you're counting down for a wedding - we're counting down for a baby! and i feel almost the same as you...SO MUCH TO DO!!!
    try to enjoy these few weeks, and hope everything comes together really smoothly for you. can't wait to see pics!!


  2. Exciting!!! Gourgeous pics of you and your lil man, especially the top one! I so relate to the wanting to run away and elope feeling, but on the day all the hard work is soo worth it! can't wait to see wedding prep pics and wedding pics!


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