Sunday, September 18

our local

this is our local... and we love her dearly

pre baby days.. birthday bubbles with my bestie.
have been working here for 7years now,worked right up until 3weeks before i had Cam Cam,
and am now working one lovely day.

Checky out this sweet cafe that we all love..........

delish sweets

and devine Allpress coffee...

coffee's with lovely ladys..

Big names eat here..

and work here in summer..
to be closer to the beach, family & sweet friends..

even London'ers pop over...

every birthday we are here at some stage of our day for sweet birthday cake and devine coffee's..mmm

and at one stage there were three rather large bellys in the kitchen..
(and not just from eating too much cake)

one belly on the left still to pop

this was me having a cuddle with the first little guy and still 6weeks to go till Cami.

All the boatshed pepi's and grand kidlings have their own "barista shots"

the wee ones got these sweet tee's at their first boatshed christmas party..

Daily fluffys.....

we love you boatshed!!!

check out boatshed cafe on "cafe secrets" which screened a few weeks ago on tv3


  1. lovely blog. super happy I made the cut. could have done with some cafe chat over a soy flatty today xxxxx miss you. christa.
    ps. you're right. i do need a profile. feels weird having to sign my name all the time so you know it's me :)

  2. Oh it looks like bliss. I sooo miss Northland, especially the relaxed pace of the far North... wish I could drop in with my little one for a cuppa!

  3. looks like such a perfect place, and with so many lovely memories! that baby swing is genius.

  4. looks gorgeous! if I'm ever up your way I'll totally pop in :)

  5. Ah, that totally looks my kind of place and what lovely photographs you've taken over the years of some very happy memories :)


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