Thursday, September 15

mr two

I whipped up some little shorts for Cam lastnight, ah sewing bug i miss you.

and i couldnt resist making some for his little friend too...

oh sweet little girl clothes i could get very used to you!

hope everyones having a lovely week,
two words, pottytraining & diarrhea oooooo


  1. Cutest boy ever! Reminds me so much of Jakey at that age. Love the shorts x

  2. Cute shorts! I hadn't thought about making bloomers, might steal that idea! x

  3. I've been bloomer mad lately, sorry to hear about the potty...'explosions?' xx

  4. Dear Campbell,
    Please stop growing so quickly.
    xx Auntie Christa

    ps. shorts are so cute stace.


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