Saturday, December 18

op shoppie goodness...& a few extra's

Firstly whooo i am no longer camera-less!!!! that was horrible not having a camera!!!
mixy matchy post here but i just didnt know where to start and with Christmas only 7sleeps i may not get time to do another post,hope everyone's relaxing,enjoying the sun,with your familys&friends,and your wee one's are now counting down the sleeps!

A bit of opshopping has been done in the last few weeks, mmm love!

i adore little teaspoons like this!!!

Cam's new little beanie

still collecting bits for the wedding-

coffee tin

please take us home..

lots of yummy christmas party's going on.....

Alice's amazing creations..

our playcentre

sweet little reindeer


and some little christmas sewing creations....

hopefully i'll be back before christmas.. sharing with you the little christmas decoration swapsie's pics ect, have a lovely lovely week!! xx

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  1. Sheesh!Campbell looks soo much like Dale in that beanie photo!!


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