Friday, October 8

remembering my belly...

I loved my preggy belly,playing dress ups was so much fun!!
looking back at these photos it still amaze's me what the human body can do,what us woman can do!!

"due date" Cam was born 3days later.

little mr Knight one week old....

and now the little rascle that we love to bits..15months


  1. What a beautiful post - your pregnant pictures are gorgeous!!

  2. Ooh I love YOUR new header as well... looks like a beautiful Northland beach...? (I am a Northland girl too... grew up in Whangarei)

    I miss my preggy belly also. Sometimes it's like I still feel the sensation of baby kicks even though it's almost 4 months since I had my little girl! I can't wait to have another :o)

  3. Beautiful photographs and a beautiful belly! I loved being pregnant too and 'dressing up' the belly! It was so nice to be big, beautiful and proud!

    Your new header is gorgeous too x

  4. What a beautiful belly, gorgeous pics! And a gorgeous little boy too.

    Just dropping in to let you know you've won my "Squidgyums" giveaway, Clare (green valley crafts) forwarded me your blog link :o)

    Flick me and email letting me know what size you'd like and your addy and I'll get a sewin'.
    squidgyums (at) yahoo (dot) co (dot) nz



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