Sunday, October 3

op shoppie goodness....isnt it always!

i must admit i love opshopping so much im planning my "hens do" as a opshoppin roadtrip!!!
Here's a few little scores i picked up on our trip away to vis the our family in Waihi & a few stops on the trip home.

more collecting for the wedding... so i can put aside my very fav's incase any get broken,aint they sweet tho,the collections growing! oo i could even rent them out after our wedding!

this basket is huge! love it,its guna be my summer buddy!

this little fellow was hard to photograph but trust me he's cute!! i wanted to purchase all his fellow friends too!

the blue knit fits Cam perfect!!

oooo material!! i bought 2m of the floral for $8 at Ikes emporium to make some of the curtains for our caravan....i'll be posting my progress on our caravan do-er up-ering as i go! excited indeed,and all the camping in summer too with the we man!

new best mates! im quite fond of these two too

isnt this the sweetest! dont ya wish you could order extra's of some of the opshoppy scores you find to give to friends!!! i just cant part with this sorry but the thought is totally there!

love these two beautiful sheets!! double for $3 and the queen for $4. and they are so soft,clean and lovely!

this is actually new but isnt it sweet!!! only $20

hope your all having a lovely week!!!!! xx


  1. An op shopping road trip for your hen's party!? That is the coolest idea for a party I've heard in a long time! :o)

  2. Love that floral fabric from Ikes! Might have to send Hanna down to get some!!


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