Wednesday, August 18

sweet boy

Id say this will have to be "wordless wednesday" well few very few words.. Im so tired! its been so busy at our little neck of the woods. Which is also nice too. So just a few things i love....

Cam having a nice we snack after his afternoon nap,i love naps!

aww he can rock on his rockin horse now!!

love these little legs!!

so sweet

love making cupcakes!!


  1. Cute photos Stace! He's growing up so quickly! Hey, thanks for the lend of that cute little jumper, it fits perfectly! And sounds great re Auckland trip, just let us know what you're up to, we are usually flexible as... Wow, I think Eleanor has finally dropped off... It's been a long day!

  2. Hey Stace, firstly - you have amazing clothes! You look effortlessly cool all the time, and totally inspire me! I think you should join in so that you can inspire others too... Secondly, of course you can have a business card!! Maybe I could give you a little bundle so that if people see your pic of Dale and want one they can contact me... Honestly, that pic has been worth it's weight in gold - so many people have asked for one after seeing it (now they just have to put their money where their mouths are...)

    Lastly, those zines are little handmade ones, not ones you can buy in stores... Some of them are pretty cool, with sweet pictures and writing etc... I went to a little festival where they were selling heaps of them... Your name is in the hat!

  3. those cupcakes are very cute!


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