Wednesday, August 11

op shoppie goodness&more...

i was very lucky to have a lovely day to myself yesterday thanks to Cam's lovely Dada.
So i decided i really needed my hair lightened more closer to my natural colour,i hate dying my hair let alone do i have time for that these days,so i had a three and a half hour hair appt!! which started off relaxing with a yummy coffee and an amazing stack of magazines to get thru,and the new your home&garden my fav so i read the whole thing!!! but after the quoted two hours i had a sore butty and was really bored,mmmm. totally worth it tho love my light new do.

before (really dark at the tips and light natural regrowth)

and after yuss more lighter,more natural and easy to maintain.

oo and of course what better way to spend my afternoon with a spot of opshoppin,delights......

i really couldn't resist these we girl clothes, in hope of a little sister for Cam in the future of course and when they are $1.50each how can i not!! please tell me you mothers out there with only boys do this too?

Eleanor this would fit you perfect!! its felt and looks like a flashy!! want to borrow??

sweet little baskets we love baskets!! and this really neat train that Cam loves! we even took it to the cafe today!

oo my new little matey,miss hedgehog.

hand knitted nani slippers,so cozy!

little cardi for Cam Cam (sorry bad picture i just whipped it off the washing line outside in the dark)

these i forgot to show you from a market we went to in Blenheim,and they have a little safety pin at the back,love them!!! this lady had amazing beautiful felt slippers from newborn&kids to woman's&men's!! i loved them all!!!!!

and lastly lil Cam won these from Kiwi mummy blog spot.... so toot! got to be in to win,first thing we have won,yay go Cam!! ps his dada's a builder arnt they perfect!!!


  1. Yay for mummy time! Your hair looks fab! Fantastic oppie finds too, i secretly stash boys clothes he he :)

  2. Thanks for the mention about my felt work.I love making the slippers and meeting people at craft markets.
    I can be found at the Saturday Blenheim railway boot market from time to time or at the summer cruise boat markets in Picton from Oct-April , or at

  3. As much as we love being home with the kids its always a nice treat to get out on your own isn't it? It's so much easier to browse without little hands darting out to pull things off the shelves and hangers, no dashing out of shops to change nappies and no-one saying "I wanna go home Mum"...

  4. How annoying, my comment never showed up! I wrote a really long one too! Lovely finds Stace, and awesome that you got to spend the day all to yourself! Cam looks adorable in those earmuffs, it's so perfect that you guys won! p.s. Eleanor says she would love to borrow that cute wee jumper, and promises she will take extra good care of it! x

  5. what great finds! i dont even have kids yet and i collect op shop baby clothes... :) i have a massive crate full and my husband thinks i am crazy! i figure i will never find what i want when i actually neeed them so why not start now.. hehe!

    kel x

    p.s - that wooden train is FABULOUS!!!


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