Sunday, July 4

oooo love ...

This lovely lady just so happens to have lovely sweet rings!!! when i spotted these i just couldnt resist! (nor get my lil head around the sizes), so when i purchased one off her Etsy shop she very very kindly sent me two differant sizes all the way from the US so i could try them on and post the too big one back,how lovely!!! check out these neats rings it was really hard to choose just one!!

(photos all courtesy of ..gabeadz at Etsy)


  1. Gorgeous! The second from top is my fav!

  2. Hi Lil,

    I am so glad you are happy with my ring! I really like that all my customers are happy with my services and products. I got the other ring back...thank you so much!!

    Your blog is so beautiful...congrats! you made a great job here.

    Thank you so much to add my rings and your comment about my shop, I really feel very honored to have customers like you! :)

    Thank you again!!!!

    Take care!


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