Thursday, January 28

oh all the plums you can eat!!

my Nana lives up the paddock from us & has a gorgeous plum tree! its way to hot for her now in her wee kitchen& at her age to be doing preserves now,so i gathered up my little boy,up the paddock to Gran-Nana's. we nearly picked the whole tree&cam sat on the grass&slobberd on all the plums he could get his weeny hands was to cams Grammas (dales mum) fabulous kitchen to jam them,sauce them&chutney them!!

what a lovely lovely day&all in a day i learnt how to do all this thanks to dales mum! think i'll give it a go to do some on my own in a few weeks when the tree has ripened again,thatl last us thru the winter&theyll be lots of jars to gift too!

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  1. wow Stace! They look great! hmmm, craft it forward items maybe...?


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