Monday, April 9

wedding gifts

here are a few of our oo soo beautiful hand crafted wedding gifts ♥

these are real leaves with real maps laminated ontop, One is our road where we live and another (not pictured is the road where we got married)

oh its us:
wedding memory's

a friend who owns a lovely Polaroid camera bought us 3packets of film as a wedding gift&lent us her polariod...

what is in this beautiful little suitcase??????........

a teapot warmed with love

for little mr..


& Mr

Spot all the woolen blanket goodness!!!


  1. you have amazing friends who are amazingly creative, what beautiful presents. it's interesting who much more special presents are when they are handmade by people who know and care about you. xx

  2. What gorgeous gifts! How wonderful to have friends who know you so well :)


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