Monday, April 16

a day with my Knights

soooo overdue, since the wedding i feel like we have been torn apart by such separate busy days,its been poo's! But yesterday was just devine.. ending with fresh fish. &salad out of the garden for dinner, along with a David Attenborough documentary as a little family (treat for Cam to watch a movie w M&D) He loved it,with a "Whoah,mean,oo scary".
Followed by Cam falling asleep on the couch towards the end of one & us just smiling down at the sweet tot & watching two more. perfect day..

Cam fell asleep in the car on our way home so we popped in for a quite coffee treat..

and saw...
A sweet happy little dolphin!

it really has felt like groundhog day everyday, Anyone else been in a similar rut after the planning,excitment&hipe of planning a wedding to... now what to do!
Yesterday was just what i needed, So much happier today.

Looking forward to zoo trip thurday with Cam's cuzzies which is a biggy for us country bumpkins living four hours away from the zoo


  1. amazing Stace!!! SO glad you guys got to have this little adventure xx

  2. Looks like a gorgeous day on the water! I so know what you mean about post-weddingness! It's like all of a sudden there's a big gap in your life, where wedding planning used to be!


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