Monday, January 9

Mr&Mrs Green wedding

one of my Bestie's got married this weekend,

you may remember the sewing prep..

As I'm sure you all Know it rained ALL weekend, with a slight move inside these photo's will show how stunning it was despite the rain.
Cam was star of the night with his Confidence on the dance floor..
Couldn't bring myself to put my camera down it was such a beautiful wedding to photograph and the first * "yaya" wedding. xx

nothing like a lovely wedding... Enjoy

*** ( We are group of 6 bestie's (dear i say we even have a name "the yaya's". This can be explained as we have been bestfriends since Primary school thru high school and still to this day, even tho we don't live near, when ever we are together it is like it was all yesterday. Its very rare to get all 6 of us together at once, think it was maybe 3years ago if not longer, and even this weekend and massive occasion for us we were missing one, who is currently living in London and couldn't make it to both wedding's with Mine and Shaila's being only 7weeks apart.
So watch this space for all 6 of us to be together in only 7weeks!! )


  1. What a beautiful wedding! You all look so gorgeous, and what a beautiful bride shaila is! Everyone's growing up! Love all the details, it all looks so beautiful!

  2. Love the dancing pics! hehe, I'm SO excited about your weeding though (weird that we don't even 'know' each other!) I guess seeing all the beautiful 'makings' you've done has me all hyped up lol. xxx


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