Tuesday, June 14

lost for inspiration....

I have such a crappy camera at the moment that ive ony been snapping funny,treasured moments of Cam to put in his lil book. Other than that i dont seem to bother :(
Which means i rarely have photos to share on here these days too.
I am lucky enough to borrow my lovely mother in laws at my leisure,which i fall head over heels in love with everytime!!!!! Sigh

Here it is.........

Thankyou Suzie xxxxx


  1. You have such a great eye for photography. lots of interesting, awesome angles! love!

  2. These pics are gorgeous Stace, but then again, all your photos are. So...maybe it's not due to the camera, you're just a good photographer!! xx

  3. Wow! Beautiful photos that could only be captured by a good eye. Love the beach sunset campfire, the sun and cloud one, and gorgeous bubs too!


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