Saturday, May 14

project love

For Cam Cam....

have been painting a few new chalk boards around the place.

Cam's little race track i made him,he loves it!!!

For the Wedding....

Didn't turn out how id imagined may try again "love is sweet"

Sewing doilie's onto woolen or crochet blankets which will throw over every hay bail. (so bestie's please look out for blankie&doilies at your local oppy's)

& A new baking Buddy..

Our new flour bucket that fits a 5kg bag of flour in,woop woop.

Hope everyone is having a lovely wknd, will back soon with some baking..mmm. xx


  1. Your wedding sounds like it's going to be georgous! Loving the race track too. xox

  2. Love blackboard paint too!. Did you know you can get coloured blackboard paint to? Don't know where from, but ive seen it in 'your home and garden' mag xx

  3. Lovely, lovely, lovely! :)
    Frith * Porters Paints in Australia has the coloured chalkboard paint, not sure about NZ though :)


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