Thursday, March 3

welcome to our home....

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p.s.. don't worry i do have clutter, dishes, unfolded washing and unvacuumed carpet behind all these pictures.


  1. wow!! have you been practising!? those photos are amazing x

  2. *sigh* I love your house Stace...

  3. Hello Stace lovely, must call soon! I love these snapshots into your little world. Such a wonderful homemaker, mother, wife-to-be to my brother. You brighten up your corner of the world.

  4. Love these pics, Stace. Would love to come and visit next time I am up. Hope you guys are all good. Lots of

  5. Thankyou for the little sneaky peak into your love filled home. I LOVE the outdoor bath!
    PS. I think I have a brown pillowcase that matches the doona cover in the next post! :)


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