Thursday, March 17

ooo a wedding.... do de de do.....

close friends of ours are getting married this weekend... so we are all set with Roxanne in tow for a lovely "wedding festival" for three days,camping at the beach with tones of beautiful friends.... this lovely lady will be there, and this lovely mama too!

Have a lovely weekend where ever you may be... look forward to sharing photos xxx


  1. sounds absolutely dreamy~ :)

    i have a fabric that is so similar to your dress, so pretty.
    and i love the cute guitar pin :)

    enjoy your weekend xO
    (i'm getting my husband back! hurrahs&hurrahs!!)

  2. i wanted a closer look at the fabric to see if it was the same as what i have, so clicked on the image and spotted the pin :)

    thank you for your kind words~ xx


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