Tuesday, February 8

Blackberry's & Fluffy's

Our little home&lives have still been buzzing with summer busyness....,picking and freezing blackberry's,back at playcentre and taking on my role as president&planning for the year,working my lil one day a week at the cafe,,summer dinner gatherings,daily swims with Cam,gathering goods from our plentiful garden and replanting for this winter,bottling plums & am about to bottle Nashi pears (is that possible? Ive never heard of it but why not?? Yum i say!!! There is something one every weekend for the next six! and one being a three day wedding to look forward to! i bought a dress to wear and i love it!
I am very much looking forward to a quite winter. Although i have never spent winter days inside with a little coming up two year old pixie so that will be interesting! I have great plans of sewing,de cluttering,re-organizing,planning a little 2nd birthday,oh and and... planning a wedding!! Sounds like a fab rainy winter to me.

"There's a pumpkin growing in my apple tree"

Local Floods

our home


  1. Blackberries Yum!! There arn't many around here.. p.s I love blackberry pie.. hint hint.
    Of course you can preserve nashis, have done it meself, just the same as regular pears, yummy xx
    Look forward to seeing you all soon!!

  2. adorable photos.
    the pumpkin in the tree is a riot! :D


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