Thursday, September 9

a september to remember...

Our fathers day started with the little one up at 6am as usual so Cam and I jumped up for brekie and to let Dada have a sleep in...,went walking in the garden for an extra peaceful house....
Brekie in bed around 9.30am and a home made lemon meringue pie which i was quite proud of!! and tasted delish, but think i'll give the home made pastry a miss next time.

Next was a local oldschool car show which we all enjoyed in the end.

A bit of photography.... couldn't help myself who could!!!

Beach trip to a lovely little beach we don't go to enough its so private and cute,very small but just perfect for a Mr One!!

Cam's Dada must have been having a fab day because.......... Cams Mama got a proposal!!!!!!!!!!!!!

love our liitle family

hope you don't mind a few wedding posts every now and then as I'm totally inspired,if you know of any lovely wedding websites like Oncewed??? xxx


  1. Oh my gosh! Congratulations! Beautiful ring xo

  2. Yay Stace! I love the ring, and sounds like the loveliest day! Dang, I went to all that trouble on father's day too, where's my proposal?!! Just joking. Or am I... Lol

  3. wow, congrats!!! that's so cool
    ps. i love the pic of your 3 shadows. too sweet :)

  4. Congrats Stace!!!Proposal eeee!! so exciting! And I love your photos! Such talent! I find myself spending lots of time on wedding blogs, its all so inspiring, once wed is great! and being that im addicted to stationery oh so beautiful is great for invite ideas and just has really gourgeous pics and ideas. Oh and the american diy queen martha stewart

  5. Congratulations!!! That is so awesome!!! Love the ring - beautiful!!! What a lovely day you all had - so special :o)

  6. ooooooooo how exciting!!!super thriled for you...hope the next wee while and planning is so fun for you!

  7. Wow that's brilliant. A very exciting day for all of you:)

  8. Yay, bring on another Mrs Knight!!!

  9. oh yay!! that is awesome!! CONGRATS :)! love the ring... its gorgeous!

    kel x

    p.s - thanks for entering my giveaway!


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