Thursday, May 13

winter goodness

winter is great for a few things,homemade soup,homemade bread,toasty warm fire&craftying winter goodies for your wee babes.....

i made this winter pixie hat just for Cam,i love it! you can purchase really sweet ones here handmade by craftykin.

hand sewin pants for Cams bestie Hani,you can find a lovely tutorial for them here at craftykin.

and some for Cam,think he has about four now and they are so warm and look devine!
little Eleanor has some too by her mama.

a birdie mobile made for Cam matey wee baby Taeo,inspired by Friths one made by craftykin.

Bibs bibs and more bibs,most of these i gifted around to all Cams friends as i was too shy to sell,but now have a couple at my felt shop.

winter crafty goodness!!!!!


  1. Wow Stace you have been busy! Gorgeous wee things! Clever~

  2. Thanks Stace! Yes, embroidery is pretty fun, and I'm still learning! I don't have a book, but I borrowed 'meet me at mikes' from the library and it showed how to do a few different types of embroidery.. I'll try and photocopy it off for us both... Other than that I just play around and make it up!

    And I love how you put Cami in tights, he looks adorable in them! I definitely don't think tights should only be worn by girls, and I think flowers look good on boys too - but that might just be me and my love affair with floral... xxxx

  3. Oh I love those pants and bibs!! Handmade is always a fave :D


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