Saturday, July 17

mr one

Cam was soooooo spoilt oh my!!! enough to see him thru till his 5th birthday party now,phew! As amazing it was,all our friends who came ate with us, sung with us, danced with us.... im all partyed out for another 4years itl be a trip to the cafe next year i think. is that selfish to want a clean house and a relaxing wknd ect? We had an amazing mazing weekend what truely beautiful friends&family we have indeed!!!!!!
here's a few of Mr one's lovely prezzies!

a ukulele from mama&dada and a birthday pixie hat (pictured in post below)

this lovely old horn from family friends who go on amazing travels every year and its from Tibet if i remember correctly.

such a sweet puzzle,handmade too! from Stell&Eleanor (and this beautiful jumper!)

id never herd of "in the night garden" but i love this train!!! thankyou Aunty Frith n co.

i must say Cam is scared of this!! he will only get on it with me! from Gramma.

a taonga from my cousin & family,very special!!! i got one for Mr Knight for his birthday too,same carver,even more special no?

we love books!!!!!!

look at this sweet train with its we animals!! from aunty Hannah&co.
be neat to get it outside in summer!

Mr Prince crown handmade with love also from aunty Hannah,to wear for many more birthdays to come.

from Cams great grandmother&my uncle!! he got another one similar so he can zoom zoom down the deck with his mateys.

These lovely things are all handmade from a family friend of ours!!

theres heaps more kowhai's &also leaves and are to be made into a mobile to hang in Cams window.

i love this chalk easel!! and Cams first drawing on it.
we have a little one year old boy!! my gosh!!! xxx


  1. amazing! for 2 reasons:
    1. there're no plastic toys in that awesome haul!! YESSSS :)
    2. Down in the Forest - that book is mega cool. so cool, i hide it right up where NO kids can find it!! :)

  2. happy birthday wee lad - such a lovely memory fro your all xx

  3. Mean toys! Eleanor can't wait to come and play motorbike races! And he looks like he's loving it all, what a cutie!

  4. there were heaps of plastic toys too,to be expected tho and he loves them equally =)

  5. love this! happy birthday to your lil man :)

    all those wooden toys are divine!


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