Saturday, August 13

our days away - continued......

After five whole days away (thats alot as it was a solo mish for me) We arrived home at around 11pm, playcentre the next morn,dentist in the arvo, then i spend the whole night being sick :(
Am just recovering two days later.
Enjoying a quiet weekend with my little mr and eagerly awaiting the arrival of our Mr Knight,two more sleeps!

"one frazzled mama"

"two tired tots"

we had such a lovely time away,catching up with so many of my fav people in the whole wide world! bit of crafting,mama chats,dinners,coffee's&fluffys,and opshop trips.

hope your all having a lovely weekend. xxxxx


  1. Such lovely photos Stace! Sorry to hear you got sick (me too, maybe we can compare notes!). Here's to your Mr being home soon!!

  2. Love your blog!! Didn't know u got sick, hope you r all better now!! We r looking after your Mr., will tell him to hurry back to you!!xxxxx

    PS: wanna come with us, Jamie & Loren, hopefully Pearl & Dari and more, to see Cirque du Soleil???
    If you r not sure look them up on You Tube and that'll convince you!!!!


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